The clinic will also help patients to retain the progress they have made during their in-patient hospitalization thereby reducing the recidivism rate.

The objectives of the program are to

  • Treat each consumer with respect and as an adult.
  • Assist each consumer in determining personal goals and actively participate in his or her recovery planning process at the program.
  • To prevent psychiatric and inpatient substance abuse hospitalization.
  • Help each consumer manage his or her illness(es) to prevent psychiatric hospitalization.
  • Help each consumer gain the skills necessary to live, learn and work in the community as independently as possible.
  • Provide emotional, educative, and case management supports in a safe, clean, dignified, and therapeutic treatment environment.
  • Affirm each consumer’s strengths and abilities and foster a sense of community and social support at the program.

If you have any special requests, please feel free to email us. info@trilliumbehavioral.com